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  1. Designing and holding educational workshops for news producers’ methods of investigation and production of quality news for public dissemination
  2. Developing critical appraisal tools for content of health news disseminated in public media
  3. Developing a guide for selection and production of appropriate news for journalists


  1. Development of tools such as public health guidance and policy brief for national programs of priority
  2. Development of tools for utilization of evidence by managers and policy makers
  3. Holding informed-decision making workshops for management and policy makers
  4. Launching web-based educational programs for managers and policy makers in the field of knowledge translation
  5. Development of a tool for assessing activities and interventions performed

Health service providers

  1. Examination of ways of promoting physicians continuing medical education
  2. Identification and design of a notification system for health service providers during health crises
  3. Identification of interventions necessary for changing health service providers’ behavior to evidence based practice


  1. Launching the PhD by Research course in the field of Knowledge Translation
  2. Development of a standard tool for assessing knowledge translation activities at personal and organizational level
  3. Design and implementation of an interventional package for strengthening knowledge translation at national academic level
  4. Launching web-based educational programs for researchers in the field of knowledge translation
  5. Development and strengthening of a collaboration network between researchers and research users in the eastern Mediterranean region
  6. Establishing executives offices for knowledge translation at university level nationwide
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